Engagement Photo Session in Brooksville

It was such a beautiful morning and it turned into the storm warnings across every region of Central Florida promising gusts up to 50mph and rain, rain, rain. For an engagement photographer it’s a no go! But I’m one of those people who can’t simply admit the defeat. I had to meet with couple to talk about their wedding photography coverage and we’ve planned to do the engagement session right after our meeting, and due to the weather warnings we were thinking to reschedule the second part. I met Michelle and Luke in coffee shop, While we were chatting the weather unexpectedly got better and the warm sun rays filled the cafe. Time for an Engagement Photo Session in Brooksville then. A little did we know that quiet semi cloudy weather was only the calm before the storm.

Brooksville Engagement Photos

We started our photoshoot on the prettiest streets in town, South Brooksville Avenue. The brick road with the surrounding old and heavy oaks perhaps most classic location to start an engagement photo session.

Engagement Pics Brooksville

The Michelle and Luke are amazing together, it was great to see how they naturally interact with each-other without posing. They were very sincere to each other and easy to work with.

Brooksville Engagement Photos

I liked that Luke’s shirt complimented the green background, and it is the perfect example of what to wear for the engagement photo session. Pick color compliments the greenery and follows the tone of the old brick road while Michelle’s blue dress goes with Luke blue jeans very well and balances all other colors of the image. These details creates a perfect harmony of tones and as the result a great mood on every photograph.

Brooksville Engagement Photography

I picked this spot because of how beautifully the light surrounds the couple on this photograph!

Engagement Photographers in Brooksville

Hernando County Courthouse is a gorgeous place in Historic Brooksville. This building stands out from anything miles away. I can’t imagine the engagement photographer who hasn’t stopped there to take romantic photographs of the couple.

Engagement Pics Brooksville

I always use any opportunity to take more phonographs in one place. With this approach I can take the most from any location during the photoshoot.

Engagement Photographers in Brooksville

I started to get dark pretty quickly, apparently due to the clouds that were scattering right above us, not that I was thinking about that. We’ve just added a strobe light and It worked fantastic, as you can see it on the following photographs. The strobe provided gorgeous soft light that compliments the scene. Quick fact, the tree that couple leaning against is involved with the myth that it was used for the lynching back in 1900’s.

Photo Locations for Engagement Shoot in Brooksville

Everyone who I had a pleasure to photograph knows how much I love night time photography. To me, photography is all about absence of light. The night brings full attention to the subjects and their moment as the darkness eliminates all distraction crating gorgeous and romantic engagement photograph.

Brooksville Engagement Photos

So far you’ve probably noticed that Michelle and Luke are very charismatic and fun couple. I enjoyed photographing them so much I didn’t even noticed that rain drops are hitting me. The next thing I know is we are all running under the Cort Houses’s roof to hide from the storm.

Engagement Photographs Brooksville

I covered only the my camera and the flash and all four of us ran outside right into the heavy rain. What an incredible moment of the day. Shutout to Olga, thanks to her bravery and  the contribution into this engagement photoshoot, we were able to achieve the best engagement photographs ever. She’s right behind Michelle and Luke holding the light under the heavy rain. Without her none of this photographs would be possible. A Big thanks to our amazing couple who went so far for to get these amazing results.