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About Me

Tampa Bay Based & Central Florida Wedding Photographer

Hello! My name is Yaro and I’m a wedding photographer based in Tampa Bay area, Florida. Although most of my weddings are located in Tampa Bay area, I photograph weddings all over the Florida and outside the state; as well as, I’m available for international shoots. My love and passion for wedding photography allows me to focus on the art, combining classic photography, artistic photojournalism, and modern fashion inspired photography.

You Matter

You are including me into the most important day of your life, your wedding day. Relationships with my clients are very important to me. I limit the amount of clients I accept, therefore I can entirely devote my attention to each client. I think it is very essential that you will have my full focus and energy.

Photography Style

My photography style is influenced by the desire to create beautiful artwork for my client's home. My passion for artistic photographs allows me to tell a story of the couple’s day in most unique way. While documenting the wedding day, I believe in raw and genuine emotions, the real moments that will tell the stories of the beautiful couple’s lives for their future generations.

I love using the light in a way that is dramatic, romantic, and beautiful. Light is one of the foundations and core detail of my photographic style. I believe that light makes a big difference and I use it to my advantage to make my couple’s images amazingly beautiful.


Having unique vision and experience in storytelling, I will be there for you to capture your story that will last a lifetime. Every couple has a story to share. The story could be told from different perspectives; the details, emotions, feelings, moments, love, artwork…Your wedding day is a beginning of your story together and the beginning of your family history. Your wedding day will come and go, but your story will live on through moments, through love, through photography.

I take pride in what I do, it’s a true honor to create the first couple’s family heirloom. The wedding book. Wedding books that I offer are handmade in Italy from one of the best companies in the world. The quality of the books is the best and they are beautifully reflect the quality of my work.

The main priority for me is documenting your story; moment by moment, page by page. I’m creating the artwork that will pass on to your future generations. The artwork that will bring you back to your wedding day every time you flip the page.


My studio is located up North of Tampa Bay area. At the studio I hold new client meetings and consultations. I have multiple sets for portrait photography, family photography, boudoir photography, and maternity photography. The studio offers our clients a comfortable place to view their images for the first time.